What’s on my iPod

February 12, 2008

bright eyes

Well there’s currently NOTHING on my iPod because the damn thing broke AGAIN. No more hardrive-based gadgets for me ever again. I just ordered the 3rd generation iPod Nano 3 GB. All flashed-based storage for me from now on. Spinning, heat producing disks are so 90s. Even my next computer is going to be solid state.

Now on to the tunes.

I respect Bright Eyes but never much liked his music- He has such great lyrics and narrative, but to me it was always missing something… like song structure, melody and a chorus. Must. Have. Chorus!

Then WKDU played Make a Plan to Love Me from last year’s Cassadaga. I’m hooked.

DOWNLOAD MP3 (right click): Bright Eyes- Make a Plan to Love Me

Some more new beautiful music: A Weather from Portland Oregon. 3hive.com turned me on to them.

Download MP3: A Weather- Oh My Stars

Miss Pavement like I do? (and no, solo Stephen Malkmus doesn’t count. Yuk.) This’ll scratch yer itch. Note that it’s not new by any means. It’s from 2000, but it’s new to me. Thanks, Aquarium Drunkard!

[Audio http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/mpowell1/doon/The Glands_Livin Was Easy.mp3]

MP3: The Glands- Livin Was Easy

…and while I’m here you know I can’t write about music without sharing so reggae riddims. Here are two on the Rocking Time riddim. One from the great sing-jay (singing deejay) Lutan Fyah and the other from relative newcomer Chezidek.

[Audio http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/mpowell1/doon/Lutan Fyah-ALie.mp3]

MP3: Lutan Fyah- A lie

[Audio http://www.swarthmore.edu/NatSci/mpowell1/doon/Chezidek-WhoIAm.mp3%5D

MP3: Chezidek- Who I Am

Both on Mafia & Fluxy’s Rocking Time riddim.


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  1. […] we missed Anthony B and Lutan Fyah last week! They played a place called Wall Street International at 1431 North 52nd Street last […]

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