BLCB is one year old!

February 8, 2008

Badluckcityblog’s first birthday
Can’t believe we made it a year!

Some thoughts:

I realize the site’s aim is bit obtuse, but beer, bikes, and music (and Philly I guess) are my passion, and I just can’t get myself to narrow it down to just one topic like I should. I don’t have time to post as much as I’d like, so if I had a separate blog for each topic (like some do) I’d never keep any readers. Besides, maybe it’s lack of focus is a draw for some? Damn, who am I kidding. I know the only loyal reader I have is my Mom.

  • BEST surprise: When the guy at a party recommended BLCB to a friend. Now that I think back on it, it’s not quite as random as first thought. This guy IS a friend of a friend (of a friend), so it’s entirely possible that he received a forwarded email that originated with me. He still comments at times, so I know he still visits once in a while.
  • “WORST” surprise: Not many people are interested in my music. Sigh. I post mp3s quite often and no one bothers to listen/download them, and I know because wordpress tells me! …and I don’t want any pity so don’t just go clicking them willy nilly either! Listen: you’ll like love my music if you just give it time to grow on you, and God knows you need to update your mp3 collection. How many damn Pearl Jam songs can you own anyway?
    I kid!
    Oh, and I never mentioned that most of the music I post is made available online by the label or the artists themselves, so it’s totally legal. I did say “most”. Not all. Sorry.
  • My new year’s resolution is to write at LEAST one post a day on average. Ddog hasn’t contributed as much as I’d hoped, but he’s actually been on a roll lately, posting at least once a week. He only agreed to help me out because he thought he’d instantly somehow get rich and famous. It hasn’t happened, BUT we did get our first solicitation from a record label just this week! Yay!
    The only reason I decided to add to the crapheap of blogs out there was to share my music finds and my thoughts about beer. But those ad dollars are gonna start pouring in any minute ddog, I swear.
  • You wouldn’t believe how many bloggers comment on posts just to promote their own site. Just today I got this one from a local writer who wrote a couple soft porn entries AND posted pictures of her son’s baseball game on the same page. Ick.
    But kidding aside, I have to say that I REALLY appreciate all of the comments you guys leave me. Keep ’em coming.
  • Some stats:

  • According to our provider WordPress.com, our tiny little blog has received 18,879 hits since inception! Nowhere near successful, but not too shabby.
  • Most views in one day- August 23, 2007, the day I wrote about the guy who flashed the news reporter in my old house. It’s still getting hits. You have no idea how many people Google a variation of the phrase “fat man flasher”. Eww.
  • Top posts:

  • The true story about me killing the giant rat in my backyard got a LOT of hits and comments, mostly because I emailed it to all my old hillbilly friends and they sent it on around the world. It is also hands-down me and ddog’s favorite post of the year.
  • It’s not a favorite, but the post about the annual bike race in Philly got a lot of hits- almost 200 on the Sunday morning of the race. Just as I mentioned in the post itself, it is nearly impossible to find any updated online info about the race. My little ‘ol post instantly became one of the top search results for “philly bike race.” It’s currently at #37.
  • The post that still gets a bit of traffic is my story about the Yards brewery split. It’s still quite an emotional subject for those involved, even making the cover of this week’s Philadelphia Weekly. Check out the link even if you’ve read the article- they’ve included a video about the new brewery.
  • BLCB is currently included on the blogroll of at least FOUR other sites, and none of them of friends who felt obligated to add my site… mainly because I have no friends!
  • So a big THANKS to all of you whom I beg and bribe to read my site; to all of you who stumble upon my site after googling “bad girls“; and most of all, thanks Mom. You barely know how to use a damn computer, but you still manage to read my site once a month.
    Again, I kid!



    1. Dude, I just read this out loud at work. And someone who has known you a long time said, “I can totallyy hear him saying that.” That’s good writing, brother.

      I’m a loyal reader…so add me to the Mom list. You’re in my Google Reader and on the blogroll. So, you’re in. BTW: Do you tracks stats on feedburner as well? Likely these days you have lots of traffic there, too.

      Funny pic, funnier copy. Congrats on one year. Here’s to many more.

    2. Happy Birthday! Don’t eat too much cake.

      Just to confirm, I did find your site without any outside influence from our communal circle of friends. I was googling philly beer info and got a hit from your blog. The RL Burnside reference got me a lookin, and the local gigs roundup and free muzak kept me coming back.

      Congrats, and still enjoying the site (on my brand spankin new laptop, no less!). Just let me know when you’re ready for steady contribtuion from a lame suburban wannabe about the banal trivialities of mini-mall parking strategies and local chinese takeout.

    3. Thanks for the nice words, men.

      Frank- I mentioned a while ago that your old site is what got me revved me up. I miss your rants against the Bush.

      Tom- Anytime you wanna join… I’ll sign you up today!

    4. You wouldn’t believe how many bloggers comment on posts just to promote their own site. Just today I got this one from a local writer who wrote a couple soft porn entries AND posted pictures of her son’s baseball game on the same page. Ick.

      I was actually being sincere in my comment. I never leave comments “just to promote my site”. I rarely leave them at all, in fact. I spend little time perusing blogs or even working on material for my silly blog.
      I leave comments when a subject is interesting or important to me. The environment is my number one issue and the pretty flower caught my eye, cause I love photographing them.

      I have never left a negative comment or criticized another blogger.

      Moms have sexy thoughts, too. Pick up almost any magazine in the grocery store and check out the cover you’ll find family, sex, health, fitness, food etc are all there.

      I might share something sensual once per month, which doesn’t make me icky.

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