Updated Philly Shows Through June

February 5, 2008


The Breeders are coming in June, Feist was added to the Acadamy of Music on April 27. That’ll be a good show… And Devo will be playing together in June.

I really should just direct you to R5‘s site since their shows make up at least 80% of the list!
Shows of interest? Well of course, Public Enemy this Friday, Vampire Weekend but it’s sold out, Yeasayer & MGMT for which I have my tix, and Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down, who I’m digging right now (see track, below).
Surprises? Freezepop @ the North Star whom you should check out, and The Cribs who were on my best of 07 list.
The list also includes THREE bands I saw live back in the EIGHTIES. Can you guess which ones?


1/31/08: Public Enemy/The Roots/Everlast @ The Troc
1/31/08: Plaid @ Johnny Brendas
1/31/08: Reef the Lost Cauze @ The Khyber


2/1/08: Illinois @ Olde Club, Swarthmore College
2/1/08: National Eye @ Johnny Brendas
2/2/08: Spinto Band/The Whigs/Plants & Animals @ Johnny Brendas
MP3: The Whigs- Right Hand on my Heart
2/3/08: Dan Deacon @ First Unitarian Church
2/8/08: Cat Power @ Starlight Ballroom
2/8/08: Photon Band @ Johnny Brendas
2/9/08: White Williams @ Johnny Brendas
2/9/08: Gene Loves Jezebel (!) @ The Khyber
2/10/08: Liars/No Age @ First Unitarian Church
2/13/08: The Ataris (acoustic) / East Hundred / Quintero @ First Unit Church
2/14/08: A Sunny Day in Glasgow/Remote Islands @ Johnny Brendas
2/14/08: The Iguanas @ World Cafe Live
2/15/08: Yeasayer/MGMT @ Johnny Brendas
2/16/08: Crooked Looks / Drink Up Buttercup / Illinois @ The Fire
2/17/08: Freezepop / Boy In Static / The Model @ The North Star Bar
2/16/08: Philly Ska Show @ World Cafe Live
2/16/08: Pissed Jeans/Food for Animals @ Johnny Brendas
2/20/08: Black Mountain/Ron Iver @ Johnny Brendas
2/21/08: Genghis Tron/The Austerity Program @ First Unitarian Church
2/21/08: Fleshtones/Jukebox Zeros/Dark Horse/The Carousels @ Johnny Brendas
2/22/08: Atlas Sound/Valet/White Rainbow @ Johnny Brendas
2/22/08: Daniel Johnston / The Capitol Years @ The Troc
2/26/08: Bowerbirds/Phosphorescent 2 Johnny Brendas
Bowerbirds-In Our Talons
2/27/08: St. Vincent/Foreign Born/Pattern Is Movement @ First Unitarian Church
2/27/08: Vampire Weekend @ First Unitarian Church
2/28/08: The English Beat / RX Bandits @ The Troc
2/29/08: Caribou/Fuck Buttons @ Johnny Brendas


3/3/08: Team Robespierre/Parts & Labor @ Danger Danger Room MP3: Team Robespierre-88th Precinct
3/4/08: Matt Costa/Jonathan Rice @ First Unitarian Church
3/4/08: Men feat. membes of Le Tigre / Hey Willpower (mem. of Imperial Teen) @ The North Star Bar
3/4/08: Born Ruffians/Cadence Weapon @ Johnny Brendas
3/5/08: Strike Anywhere/Paint It Black/The Riverboat Gamblers @ First Unitarian Church
3/5/08: The Stills @ Johnny Brendas
3/12/08: Louis XIV @ The North Star Bar
3/13/08: The Pogues @ Electric Factory
3/14/08: Bob Mould Band @ The Troc
3/18/08: New Model Army @ The Khyber
3/19/08: Burning Brides @ The Khyber
3/20/08: The Mountain Goats / The Moaners @ First Unitarian Church
3/22/08: The Cribs with Ra Ra Riot / Jeffrey Lewis @ The North Star Bar
3/23/08: Sons & Daughters @ Johnny Brendas
3/26/08: Xiu Xiu/Thao Nguyen @ First Unit Church
MP3: Thao Nguyen & The Get Down Stay Down- Beat (Health, Life And Fired)


4/2/08: The Boredoms @ Starlight Ballroom
4/4/08: Weston @ The Khyber
4/8/08: Man Man/Dirty Projectors @ The Starlight Ballroom
4/9/08: Explosions In The Sky @ Starlight Ballroom
4/10/08: Hot Chip @ Starlight Ballroom
4/10/08: Papa Grows Funk @ World Cafe Live
4/16/08: Autechre / Rob Hall / Massonix @ Transit
4/27/08: Feist @ Academy of Music
4/28/08: Tokyo Police Club @ The First Unit Church



6/8/08: The Breeders @ TLA
6/22/08: Devo @ Festival Pier



  1. hey dudes! can you list our shows! we’ve got aidswolf, ruins, old time relijun, health, yip yip, wzt hearts, monotonix, PRE all in Oct.

    visit wwww.myspace.com/badmasterrecords for show listings


    http://www.badmasterrecords.com for everything else.

    Peace and love and all that shit.


  2. Cool. I just got turned on to Jennifer Gentle this week.

  3. yes! Jukebox the Ghost is coming to world cafe live… so psyched for the show…

    and fresh cut salads are super awesome as well

  4. ^^ sarcasm…?

    Hi, um, yes. I’m in a band called “fresh cut salad”. And…



  5. The Stereo Total / Octopus Project has moved venues. Livenation has the show as cancelled for the TLA. The Northstar lists the show as theirs. OP lists the show at the N Star on their site. ST lists the show at Kitty Korner on their site. Never heard of Kitty Korner.

  6. […] forget to check our constantly updated & complete list of shows/concerts for the […]

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