I know ingredients are getting expensive, but this is ridiculous

January 30, 2008


I hung out in my old part of the city over the weekend (southwest Center City or G-ho as some want to call it) and hit a few pubs.
I won’t name names, but look at these tap prices.
EIGHT BUCKS for a Great Divide IPA? $6.50 for a Southampton?
And they’re served in 16 oz glasses, not even true pints. Maybe these are normal prices and I just haven’t been out in a while?

The next bar has the right idea; just don’t post the prices!


And while I’m complaining, I have to tell you what has happened to me in 9 out of 10 of the last pubs I’ve visited.
I check out the list, see a beer I’m really excited to try (usually an IPA, natch) I order it, and hear “sorry, that just kicked”. I was so happy to see Bells Two-Hearted back on tap last week at Bishops Collar. Nope. (I can mention them because their prices are always fair).

Bear Republic at the above bar? Sorry. And it’s always a beer listed on the chalkboard, (easily erasable) and I’m always out early on a Friday, not late on a Sunday.



  1. Woah! A blog about beer AND bicycles! Awesome. It’s funny, the highest amount of traffic I’ve ever received on a single blog post was after we did the Great LA Beer Run. We biked about 40 miles one Saturday afternoon, hit 6 of the best beer stores in town, and then enjoyed our haul late into the night. Great times.

    I laughed when I read this post, cause out here in LA, prices like that are pretty standard. I wish I could still be outraged at 8 dollar beers, but if you want the good stuff, it’s almost expected. Yuck.

  2. Dave-

    Some people call Philly a beer town, but it ain’t even close to beer heaven like it is out on the West Coast.
    That being said, our beers are catching up, so we we need to get some East Coast brewers on your blogroll!

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