Nutter’s (a) Delight

January 11, 2008

Way way back, early in the race for mayor, back when there were five Dems running and EVERYONE thought Chaka Fattah had it in the bag, I supported Nutter.

I liked him years before that, back when he was councilman and got into public fisticuffs with Mayor Street.

Last winter when he was still last in the early polls he was standing in 30th Street Station at the bottom of the Septa platform steps, all alone. Commuters walked past him, most not knowing who he was. I was running to catch my train but turned around to shake his hand and tell him that he had my vote. A couple months later his message and his charm rubbed off on everyone else, and the rest is history.

I love this guy. there. I said it.

I love that he held an openhouse in City Hall on his first day in office and welcomed the pubic to visit. So many people showed up that the line wrapped around the block and he chose to stand and greet everyone until all the way up to the last person in line.

I love that he charged only 50 bucks a pop for his inaugural ball but didn’t want to call it a “ball” but a “celebration”. He invited anyone to come, and told them to keep their black tie and tails at home.

What I like the most? That he already made national news, NOT for federal corruption charges, NOT for sitting in line waiting for an iPhone, but for rapping The Sugarhill Gang with ?estlove from the Roots.

It even made PITCHFORK.

The next four years are going to be a delight.


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