Philly Bicycling News

January 10, 2008

cyclist killed
Kyle Gradinger from the Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition informed me that volunteers from the coalition have been advising engineers and decision-makers on new traffic studies around the city, some of which might include new “bike boxes” and physically separated bike lanes which many cities, including New York and Portland, have already implemented.

Who woulda thought? Seems like just yesterday when there wasn’t a SINGLE bike lane in the entire city, and they had to fight to get one put on Delaware Ave.

While they’re at it, they might also want to try this thought-provoking tactic from Portland. Hey, that’s a great art idea for my buddy Stuart over at the Renegade Art Coalition.

Kyle also informed me about a an event you might want to check out on January 17 at the Academy of Natural Sciences on Bikesharing. They invited a city councillor from Lyon, France to show off and talk about one of their Velo’V Bicycles. Best of all? It’s FREE.

While I’m on the bicycling subject, I should mention that our new mayor savior Nutter’s pick for Deputy Mayor for Transportation, Rina Cutler, comes from PennDOT in Harrisburg. No word yet on whether she’ll cozy up to us bike advocates or be a pain in the saddle. Only time will tell.

Since my other buddy Lance sent me a lot of the previous info, I should inform you all that he is, in his words, officially in love with his new custom-built Engin frame built by Drew at Wiss Cycles on Germantown Ave. Here’s the details:

the frame is a single speed 29er built with high end steel from England and the welds are silky smooth. I went with Chris King hubs and headset, xt/xtr drivetrain, reba race fork, stan’s 29er rims, and a truvativ stylo team crank. Why not full suspension, you might ask? Not necessary: with the larger tires of a 29 inch wheel and the steel frame this bad boy has plenty of give without the hassle of a rear shock.

And last but not least, the spouse of one of my coworkers who’s starting to feel a little slow on the hills of his 15 mile commute picked up one of these to help him out.
I bet it beats Mike. Remember him from the Dr. Seuss book? I read it to my kids all the time. Here’s the passage which goes along with picture of two kids on triple-seater with a monster named Mike sitting in the back:

We like our bike.
It is made for three.
Our Mike
sits up in back,
you see.

We like our Mike
and this is why:
Mike does all the work
when the hills get high.


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