What’s on my iPod

November 30, 2007

John Holt
John Holt, the former front man of the rocksteady era Jamaican group The Paragons and the man who penned the classic The Tide is High (a later hit for Blondie) has a voice I just can’t get out of my head.
You may have heard his 1982 rasta chant Police in Helicoptor, but his earlier solo work is where it’s at.

John Holt-I’m the One to Blame

Mgmt is a group outta Brooklyn and they’re opening for the Fiery Furnaces at the First Unitarian Church on Dec. 9. There’s not a clunker in the bunch on their new Oracular Spectacular LP, and this one stands out.

Mgmt-Time To Pretend

Altered Images-Pinky Blue
Ddog is always digging up old youtube videos of 80s acts. He’d never heard of Altered Images before this week. I actually still have this vinyl- it was one of my favorites from my high school days. I loved the way her voice is sampled when her vocals finally come in. It’s the first time I’d ever heard anything like it at the time.

Altered Images- I could be Happy from Pinky Blue LP 1982



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