Troegs Mad Elf 2005

November 30, 2007

Two years ago I picked up some Troegs Mad Elf. I bought an entire case because frankly, I had no choice- I live in the backwards state of Pennsylvania.
Anyway, I stashed a couple sixes in my crawspace, along with a six of my all-time FAVORITE beer, Stoudts Double IPA. I figured anything with an alcohol content above 8% should age and mellow a bit over the years.

I put up the tree this week and had frankly forgotten about the beer until I had to drag all the xmas ornaments out of the basement. I grabbed some of the beer and cracked one of the Troegs tonight.
I agree with most others’ opinions of the beer- it tastes a bit like cough syrup out of the gate but has definitely mellowed over the years. There’s still a prominent cherry flavor, but it’s not sickly sweet, and the 11% alcohol is still easily masked.

Coincidentally, Tom Ferrick and others compared six winter brews in the Food section of today’s Inquirer. They liked them all except one: You guessed it. Mad Elf. Gave it a D+ and called it a “dud”.

I think I’ll put the rest on craigslist.

Oh, the Stoudts? I actually asked Carol Stoudt herself what she thought of aging her double IPA. She agreed that it was a great idea and it improves over time. She’s right. If you think Stoudts IPA is good when fresh, you should taste it after it’s aged. Amazing.


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