1080p LCDs finally hit the sub $1,000 mark

November 28, 2007

TV price chart
Although I bit the bullet and bought a high def. tv over a year ago, I’ve continued to track LCD TV prices, waiting to see the day a ~40″ 1080p LCD dips under the $1k mark.
I’ve spotted a few TVs under a grand for a while now, but those TVs are mostly refurbished models, models without tuners, or models from cheaper manufacturers like Polaroid, Sceptre, Westinghouse, etc.

The historic day finally came just before black friday from dealnews.com, the best gadget price checker site online.

They reported that a 37″ JVC 1080p LCD could be had for $999.98 plus free shipping. Cool.

Coincidentally, a Sceptre 42″ 1080p could also be had on that same day for 899.99 (+$100 shipping).

Many people will disagree with me on this next statement, but my belief is that there are two types of tv brands: “high-end” and “low-end,” for lack of better terms.
High end brands include Sony, Samsung, Sharp, Hitachi, and Pioneer.
Low end brands include the aforementioned along with Acer, Olevia, and Vizio just to name a few.

Also keep in mind that each manufacturer makes a range of models and prices. I went for the lower-end Sony V2500 40″, which is pretty much the exact same panel as their higher-end Bravia XBR series. I talked my buddy into getting the 46″ set, and a friend at work bought the newer/replacement V3000 46″. All three of us couldn’t be happier with our sets. What did I pay for mine? I’m almost embarrassed to say. I was honestly one of the first 10 people in North America to own mine so I payed a premium. It was listed at $3,000 but I was able to price match and get it for $2,600. My buddy paid around $800 LESS for the larger panel just 1 year later. Now, on cyber Monday, it can be had from Circuit City for $1,100! (although the price went back up to $1,600 today. Sorry)

If you’ve been waiting to put a high definition TV in your house, you gotta dive in some time, and now’s the time.

Just don’t kick yourself when you see the same set for half price next year!


One comment

  1. I forgot to mention that the prices I quoted have since expired, but the same price or lower can definitely be found elsewhere online.

    I also need to post pics of my homemade fireplace/wall mount. It’s pretty nifty.

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