Thanksgiving is a time for sharing

November 20, 2007

Tonight I’ll start off on a 1,600 mile hellride drive to Nashville and back. Luckily I have an iPod and the kids have a DVD player.

If you too will be driving somewhere for Thanksgiving or just sitting on a plane or standing in line at the airport, load up your music player of choice with some free gems:

Hailing from Lawrence, KS of all places. From D.R.I‘s new LP Smoke Rings on Range Life Records. Finally someone on THIS side of the pond got that 50s doo-wap sound down pat.

D.R.I has one more chune available for download on her myspace page.

MP3: D.R.I-Inspiration


The Bamboos
Dear Alice. Will you PLEASE visit the United States? I swear we won’t shoot you. You went all the way to Australia to record with the Bamboos… maybe you can bring them along with you? Pretty please?

My friend in Melbourne (also home to the funky Bamboos) told me she’d go see them this past Sunday. I told her she wouldn’t regret it. I haven’t heard back from her.

MP3: The Bamboos & Alice Russell- Step it Up from Rawville LP on Tru Thoughts Records

The Bamboos on myspace

I can’t believe this soul songstress slipped under my radar all these years. I just picked up her self-titled LP along with her Money Recordings LP. Both phenominal. She does a lot of covers, but boy, I honestly like her versions better than some of the originals. Here’s her rendition of the Otis Redding classic:

MP3: Bettye Swann-These arms of Mine


Eek A Mouse enjoyed big popularity in the US in the 80s but hasn’t gotten much respect since then. That is, until Damian Marley used him to DJ on his fantastic Khaki Suit tune a couple years ago. Now he’s slowly appearing on a few riddims here and there, including this one from ’06:

MP3: Eek A Mouse- She Come From Italy (on the Acqua riddim)

Other tunes from the same riddim found here.

And finally, if you find yourself driving through Washington D.C., you’ve gotta have some Go Go music blasting. Honestly, I can’t figure out how this seriously funky genre never caught on elsewhere, but a quick search found it’s still going strong in DC. I think I first heard about it when 20/20 did a story on it in the early 80s(?). Can someone dig that up on youtube for me?

From the Godfather of Go Go, Chuck Brown:

MP3: Chuck Brown- Chuck Baby



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