A phestival in Philly?

November 15, 2007

Sasquatch Music Festival
The Inquirer’s Dan DeLuca reports that Austin Texas-based concert promoters C3 would like to stage a multi-day festival next August in Fairmount Park, presumably on Belmont Plateau. How freaking cool is that?
C3 is the outfit that resurrected Lollapalooza (of which I attended it’s very first year in ’91 thank you very much).
If that makes you feel a bit uneasy, get this: They’re also the ones behind the amazing Austin City Limits, which my friend attended this past September along with 225,000 others.
Now, wouldn’t that be right up your alley?

The catch?

Philly’s own Electric Factory Concerts/Live Nation got wind of it, and original thinkers they are, want their own festival in the same park (and probably the same month) to celebrate their 40th anniversary. Natch. Bullies.

Listen Live Nation: If you fuck this up so help me God I’ll.., um. Damn! Something really cool might happen here and whattya bet Live Nation runs them out of town? And we’ll get stuck with another one of their cheesy, lame “fez-tivals”. The Daily News has more about it here.

I’d even settle for a smaller indiefests like Chicago and NYC enjoy regularly. To name just a few: The Vice Intonation Festival/Pitchfork Music Fest/Lollapalooza (all Chicago); Crown Point Festival/Green Apple Music Festival/New Yorker Festival/Siren Festival/CMJ(!) (all NYC). Or even little Austin which bosts both Austin City Limits AND the South by Southwest jawn.

All is not lost however.

Big boy bloggers Brooklyn Vegan and Philebrity report the second annual Philly Popped! Fest is already set to happen in June and The Roots are already signed up.

Sorry, but the above photo is NOT Belmont Plateau. Its the Sasquatch Music Festival in Washington. Sigh.



  1. Yesterday, the Fairmount Park Commission voted to table approval of a
    multi-day, multi-stage concert in Fairmount Park. In the next 2
    weeks, they’ll be taking public comment. In order to keep the
    festival here in Philadelphia, we need you and your readers to reach
    out to the Executive Director of the Park and your local

    Mark A. Focht, ASLA
    Executive Director
    Fairmount Park Commission
    One Parkway, 10th Floor
    1515 Arch Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
    (p) 215.683.0202
    (f) 215.683.0205
    (e) mark.focht@phila.gov
    (w) fairmountpark.org


  2. Thanks for the info!

    Is there a person on the commission we can contact with concerns/opinions, or should we send feedback to this address (yesphilapalooza@gmail.com)?
    Email preferred.


  3. Popped! So far just the Roots announced with tons more to come.


  4. I wrote to the above e-mail and volunteered for cleanup crew, suggesting they could leverage this as a tool for community involvement; some friends and I worked on trail maintenance for a few years in Wisshahickon to make nice with park officials who got a lot of complaints from non-biker tightasses.

  5. Frickin’ Vineland?

  6. http://www.philly.com/philly/blogs/phillygossip/Vineland_Music_Festival_officially_canceled.html

  7. Wonderful. That’ll teach them never to try to do business around here ever again…

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