My trusty steed

November 9, 2007

giant steel bike single speed
Yep. I’m still commuting to and from work twice a week. We’ll see how long it lasts in this cold. It takes a good part of the morning just rounding up all the damn clothing. Then I end up peeling most of it off after the first few miles.

This here is my baby. I’ve got a couple other nicer and newer bikes to ride, but I always end up on this one. Here’s her story:

She’s an early ’80s era Giant steel frame I got for 10 bucks back in ’97(?) from the now gone swapmeet behind the Philadelphia Art Museum.
I slapped on components that I had laying around the house except for the forks (steel 650c Murray) and headset (Mavic). Been riding it hard ever since. I’ve been riding that same rear wheel since the mid 90s. It’s an old Weinmann with an odd concave profile, and even though the axle in it snapped in half twice (once most likely from carrying an 8 foot pressure treated 4×4 from the lumber yard), I’ve NEVER had to true it.
The first year of riding it hard as a messenger, I cracked the rear chainstay in half. I hobbled over the the Anvil Iron Works on Washington Ave. and they welded it for me on the spot for free. I expected to only get a few more miles out of her after that but she’s still running.

I finally got rid of the road brake levers and am loving the new single straight-bar lever. Can’t believe I waited this long to do that!
cork in drop bars
I’m sure it’s been done before but I’ve never seen it and it’s a great idea: I put a Chimay type beer bottle cork in the bar end (in my case, a Brooklyn Local 1). You never want to leave them open because my old buddy Two-Brims from Timecycle ripped an 8″ gash in his thigh from it once in a crash.

The other commuters I used to see riding from the burbs to the city are slowly falling off since the clock and weather change, but for the first time since I’ve been commuting I passed another bicyclist going my way. I think it was just a student here at my school coming back from Penn, but it’s a start!



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