Friday freebies

November 2, 2007

The band previously named Say Hi To Your Mom and now shortened to just Say Hi is playing JBs Nov. 2, TONIGHT, opening for locals The A-Sides.


MP3: Say Hi-Northwestern Girls

From their fifth LP The Wishes and the Glitch Due Feb. 5, 2008.

MP3: Say Hi- These Fangs

From their 2006 LP Impeccable Blahs

The Roots are playing a FREE show at my school, but unfortunately it’s only open to students faculty and staff. I’m probably the only Philadelphian who’s never seen ’em live yet, and I can’t make this show either (and you know how I hate to miss out on free stuff).
I’m gonna TRY to make the Sea Wolf show at the North Star on Saturday Nov. 3.

sea wolf

MP3: Sea Wolf- You’re a Wolf

MP3: Sea Wolf- Black Dirt

Both from Sea Wolf’s wonderful debut LP Leaves In the River

Random Freebies:

MP3: The Dismasters- Small Time Hustler

You’d swear this old school track is REAL old school. It is. 1987 to be exact. From local site Some Velvet Blog.

MP3: Dragonette- I Get Around (Midngiht Juggernaut Mix)

Iron Horse

A huge thanks to The Underrated Blog for turning me on to this gem: A Shins Bluegrass tribute. I don’t know where it’s been hiding cuz it came out back in February (I swear I used to stay on top of things more). Classic.

MP3: Iron Horse- Kissing the Lipless

More on Iron Horse’s site



  1. Love the music . Keep em coming!

  2. […] Brown died yesterday. I wrote a bit about him way back in 2007. If you’re not familiar with go go, it’s a strictly Washington […]

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