BLCB’s 100th post!

October 29, 2007

bad luck city blog’s 100th post.  We’re famous!
Well actually 105th, but I just realized it.

Bad Luck City also reached an even bigger milestone this weekend. Here’s the story:

I’m at a birthday party and my friend MK was next to me talking to this guy Tommy, whom I’d never met. They were talking about upcoming shows at the North Star, and I shit you not, he says to her, “I never get out to shows, but I always read up on them at this guy’s site called Bad Luck City”. She turns and hits me and yells, “that’s his!”

Tommy and I shot the shit and he even knew the origins of the name (I think that’s how he stumbled upon it, him being a big R.L Burnside fan). And he didn’t just view it a couple times- he actually checks it regularly, and wasn’t blowing smoke cuz he mentioned quite a few of the posts.

I’ve been linked from a few sites now, including Brooklyn Vegan, which was pretty exciting, but most of the time I wonder why I bother writing posts that in my mind, only my family and maybe my friends are reading. I lamented how I wished I was able to do this when I was younger when I was out and about every night, and he said someting encouraging which never occurred to me: He reads BLCB because I’m older (and wiser?) and he can relate to it a bit more than if it were written by some young snot-nosed punk.

So now I have motivations to write this drivel. Thanks Tommy!

Now all I need is a stalker.



  1. Don’t be so sure about that stalker part–I can take this thing to another level at ANY TIME!

  2. Ha Ha!

    Umm, you WERE kidding, right?

    RIGHT ?!?


  3. Sure I was.

  4. SSSStalker!!!! Thanks for mentioning me matt-I didn’t really hit you did I???? BTW-that picture is classic! I’m lighting up a cig on my next b-day cake!

  5. There is something crazy sexy about having a stalker…

  6. […] surprise: When the guy at a party recommended BLCB to a friend. Now that I think back on it, it’s not quite as random as first […]

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