We’re not in Kansas anymore

October 23, 2007

Philly’s slowly getting to be more cosmopolitan so I often hear foreign accents, especially Irish and French. But it was really surprising to hear some guys with thick Southern accents when I was out and about last Friday night.
I connect more with rednecks than I do with East Coast city folk, so we hit it off right away. These two long-time friends, one surprisingly a life-long Eagles fan, the other a Bears fan, decided to spend the weekend in the big city and hit the game on Sunday.
They arrived on Friday afternoon and after checking into their hotel in Center City immediately hit the bars. We crossed paths at about bar #5 and it was still happy hour. After too many beers I offered to take ’em out the next day and show them some sights.
We got a cheesesteak then spent less than an hour touring historic Old City. By about 4:00 we were already bellied up to the bar at Eulogy. I don’t remember much what we talked about after that, mostly because their drawl got thicker and thicker the more they drank! Luckily I snapped some pictures to remember them by.

By the way, they loved Philly. They thought it was clean (!?) and they said the people were friendly (double !!??) … at least I thought that’s what they said.



  1. Strong accents? Be glad they didn’t bring their guitars and sing!
    Looks like everyone was having a good time.

  2. […] finally I leave you with this, sent to me from those cowboys I told you about last year. Check out the back seat. No […]

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