Brew news- some bad, some good

October 18, 2007

First the bad news. More homogenization of the brewing industry:
The number 2 and 3 brewers in North America, SAB Miller and Molson/Coors are merging. The new company can now put the same pisswater in both Miller Lite and Coors Lite. Lite beer drinkers won’t have such a hard time deciding between the two since they will no longer taste exactly the same, they WILL be the same. Its WIN WIN!

Across the pond, there’s news that Carlsberg and Heineken are in talks to form a consortium to buy the UK’s largest brewer, Scottish & Newcastle.

Why is this bad news? Lew Bryson can explain it better than me:

Seriously, does this really matter to any of us? Yes, it does. These massive consolidations mean even more deracination (look it up) of beer and beer culture. They cost jobs in the beer industry, and the benefit is what — a slight increase in profits that is lost in the cost of the consolidation and increased costs of advertising. Some smaller brands will inevitably disappear.

And then what? A race to make the cheapest light beer they can sell for the most profit? Maybe. For sure, you’ll see a lot less options, and many of the options you will get will be meaningless. God, I’m feeling bleak this morning.

More from Lew here.

The good news?

Seems Tom Kehoe has found a location for his new Yards brewery building. I’m really happy to report that he’s staying in Philly (there was some speculation that he’d move to Jersey) and even happier to report that it’ll be in Northern Liberties. Joe Sixpack has more. More here.
I really do wish Tom good luck, even though some readers took my older post to the contrary.

In related news, I finally got a chance to hit the new Tom Peters/Fergie Joint the Belgain Cafe and was surprised to see a new Yards tap by the name of Chateau Kenso. I REALLY liked this 9%(!) Belgian strong white ale, but unfortunately, I don’t remember much more of the night!
More descriptive reviews at beer advocate.
Pictured: a few of the offerings (among over 200!) at the Belgian Cafe. (no, I didn’t drink all these, but close.)
Chateau Kenso is second from the left.


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