Rafting in West Virginia, by Gauley

October 16, 2007

New River Gorge
Got convinced into driving 7+ hours this past weekend down to the Gauley River Recreation Area to celebrate the end of my buddy Brian’s single life. A group of us rafted the Upper Gauley River with the North American River Runners outfit. If you think back a few days you’ll remember that it was one of the colder weekends of the year and it was definitely cold on that river, even with a wetsuit. That’s why I said I had to be “convinced”. I’m not really afraid of drowning, even though someone WAS killed there the previous week… I’m just a pussy when it comes to cold.
After rafting ALL day, including 5 class five rapids and staying up late into the night I played paintball next day for the first time in my life. Now, anyone who knows this guy (pictured) will warn you he is NOT someone you want on the other team when guns are involved. Let’s just say he likes to bend the rules a bit. I got nailed in the neck on bare skin and had never felt pain in that magnitude in my life. And that hit happened AFTER I motioned that I was out of ammo. Dick!

All in all it was a good trip. This was my third trip down there and I stayed with a different outfit every time. They all do a really great job of organizing EVERYTHING: rafts, gear, guides, transportation, lodging, supplies, other activities, parties, beer, food etc.

This coming weekend is Bridge Day which brings in hundreds of thousands of people to the top of the New River Gorge Bridge (pictured) to view rapellers and parasailors (but no more bungee jumpers).

Some pics of one of the tougher rapids here. (Yes, we hit the same rock but managed to stay in the raft. Lots of people weren’t so lucky). There are also LOTS of videos of the river on youtube.


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