The Canadian invasion continues

October 9, 2007

First it was these geese, shittin all over the place. Next, their currency rises on par with ours for the first time in my life. THEN they invade the music scene with a ton of amazing indie bands.

Now what have they done, you ask? They stuck their neck into the hallowed afrobeat genre by giving birth to the SoulJazz Orchestra. Not to be confused with the reggae reissue label of the same name, the Souljazz orchestra is straight up African funk ala Fela/Femi Kuti, Antibalas and the Budos Band, and they give the latter two a BIG run for their money.

I realize I’m a little late to the game since their debut LP came out last year, but I first heard them on this excellent Paris DJs afrofunk podcast.

Check out the keyboard solo at the end and the round of “hooa!” at the break. Pure funk.

No word on when they’ll be hitting the States, but I’ll let you know when they do.

MP3: The Souljazz Orchestra-Mista President

More here

…and while posting music, I MUST share some other stuff:

MP3: Santogold-Youll Find a Way (Switch and Sinden Mix)

Forget M.I.A. This chick is the shit. Bjork even asked her to open her NY show. More Santogold here.

And since it was my birthday yesterday, I HAVE to add this gem from an artist by the name of Example. Courtesy of Electric Zoo

MP3: Example- Birthday Card

and also a nice remix with a Carpenters vocal sample:

MP3: Example- So Many Roads (Herve Remix)

Example on myspace


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