PA’s antiquated beer law may soon be over

October 5, 2007


I can’t believe it just might happen: The state of PA is close to repealing its archaic and completely ridiculous beer sales law. According to the front page article in the Inquirer, both houses of congress are in line to amend the laws, and if they do, it’ll happen by Sept. ’08. The only problem is the beer distributors and tavern owners lobby. From the article:

But before beer mugs are raised in celebration, a warning: The bill could be amended again, and it faces opposition from organizations representing beer distributors and tavern owners that believe it could force many of their members out of business.

That’s the same damn argument made time and time again but most experts beer geeks agree that this is a win win situation.

Imagine PA, catching up with almost EVERY state in the union. Could it happen? Maybe the proposed Whole Foods at 16th & Vine St. will dedicate an entire section to craft beer, and a dining area where I can sit down and drink the brew I just bought, just like the one in Austin I visited this year.

Boy. Just think: some day soon when I get a hankerin for a Dogfishhead 90 minute IPA I won’t have to drop $50+ for an entire case or drive to New Joisy or Delaware to get a sixer.

Lets all keep our fingers crossed. Cheers!


One comment

  1. A deep pit in Hell awaits the LCB. Gimme a fuckin’ six-pack!

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