Nice surprises

October 2, 2007

Bob Dylan gave his OK to a remix, and it’s a proper one done good by Mark Ronson. It features members of Sharon Jones’ Dap Kings and Budos Band.
By the way, the Budos tune “Up from the South” from their first album was featured in an NFL ad over the weekend.

Click here to see video of Bob Dylan-Most Likely You Will Go Your Way (& I’ll Go Mine) remixed by Mark Ronson

While we’re posting videos, we should show you some interesting trailers.
First up, The Future is Unwritten about the late Joe Strummer.

No idea when its out in the states, but I saved it in my Netflix cue.

Also on its way to theatres in the UK is a film about Ian Curtis from Joy Division called Control.
October 19 arrival time here in the US.

If Sam Riley is half as good at playing Ian Curtis as Sean Harris did in 24 Hour Party People, then it’ll be worth the watch.

Tons o’ info here
Control official site


One comment

  1. BTW, I forgot to mention this post Saturday. I was completely unawares of the Joe Strummer biopic, which should be most excellent. Thanks for the heads up there.

    And I’ve been eagerly anticipating CONTROL for some time. It may actually be both a date movie while also being a intimate portrait of one of the most important artists in my life. Hard to believe!

    Whilst on the topic, one of the posts that made me a return customer was the backstage pics and review of the Clinic show a ways back. Love the band, and that gave me another reason to lament my lack of involvement in anything cool in the present tense. Thanks again for your hurtfulness. Let the stalking commence.

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