Riddims and Joy Denalane

September 26, 2007

Ok, so the globalization of music continues.

I just stumbled upon a singer who’s been around for a while in Europe: R&B singer Joy Denalane from Berlin, Germany. It looks as though a German production team/label by the name of Rootdown Records remixed and reggaefied her 2006 R & B single “Let Go” and turned it into a proper riddim track for some of the top Jamaican roots artists: It features tracks from the most underrated singjays, Jah Mason, plus awesome newcomer Ginjah, along with Junior Kelly, Anthony B and others.
I mentioned before that a ton of great new throwback reggae riddims seem to be coming not from Jamaica, but from Europe.

Check out Joy’s newest video featuring Lupe Fiasco, which features a (replica I guess?) of Philly’s LOVE statue:

You can download a mix of the riddim from Rootdown Record’s website:

MP3: Let Go riddim megamix

MP3: Jah Mason & Joy Denalane-Let Go (Teka One Drop Mix)

All of the individual tracks from the riddim are available at audimaxxx.com

Rootdown Records on myspace

Joy Denalene on myspace



  1. wow. thanks for the info. she’s real good and actually has socially conscious lyrics. i like that. apreciate the heads up. You should look up an interesting group from Boston, MA called VanHunt. i think you ight like them.

  2. Thanks. Van Hunt is a bit like Anthony Hamilton, who’s “Everybody” was my fave of 2005.

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