Ddog gets a new scooter

September 21, 2007

Ddog had a Honda Ruckus scooter for a year or so, and after getting stolen and recovered once, he decided to visit his buddy up in Crackton Mantua and leave his scooter unlocked.

You can probably figger out what happened next.

We’ve all heard about the “don’t snitch” policy in the hood, so you can also guess what kind of response he got when he asked everyone on their stoop if they saw the perps.

No more than a few hours passed when his buddy informed him that all the dealers were lining up nicely to take turns riding it up and down the block and spinning doughnuts in front of his house, you know, just to rub it in.

After MUCH research and another loan, Ddog decided on an ’04 Vespa bought from Vespa Philadelphia. Where his old 50 cc Honda topped out at 35 (40 on the hills), his new 200 cc can hit 80 mph! Dddog took it down Interstate 95 this morning and easily hit 70. Imagine riding a scooter with measly 12″ wheels at 70 miles per hour!

He swears he’s learned his lesson and has promised to install a pavement anchor outside his house to lock it.

Listen Dave: It only takes a second. Lock the damn thing!
And stay off I95. I don’t want to inherit any more cats!


One comment

  1. Don’t blame the neighbors… I’d be afraid of those guys too (regardless how bravely/openly/stupidly I searched the tall grasses and alleys surrounding their (dealers) operation (public housing) for my bike. I could go home. Blame the city or the cops… if we (the public) know where the drug dealing is going down… surely they (coppers/city council) do too. They (coppers) were very helpful in helping me get the dead scoot out of the neighborhood at 3:45 AM. A very cool rookie drove beside me as I pushed and coasted and blocked intersections so I could get downhill to the safety of Drexel. My buddy feared the same fear that the good folks of Mantua (long time residents) fear… Retaliation. Whether or not Mantua gets gentrified and the “problem” “goes away”… it’ll just go somewhere else… a few blocks away. A new Crackton. I’d prefer sting operations to permanent cameras. Or a bountiful supply of jobs that pay more and are more fun than drug dealing. It’s a mess up there.

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