Jose’ Pistola’s: Tex mex and beer

September 18, 2007

Jose Pistola’s
The obituary for Copa Too! appeared in one of the weeklies back before work started on Jose Pistola’s.
I was sad for the Copa at first, then realized I hadn’t been in the place in years. Why? It was dirty. (Here’s a rule I try to stick by, although it’s pretty hard to do in Philly: If the bathroom looks and smells like it hasn’t been cleaned in weeks, then the kitchen is probably worse. After reading others’ opinions online I found that a lot of other people had the same opinion of the place).

Anyway, back to Jose Pistola’s. It opened around Labor Day and so far, the reviews are good. 100 bottles and 12 taps. There were 5 domestics on tap (including Yuengling) and only two were local. That’s fine, but I’m gonna say something now that I thought I’d never say:
PHILADELPHIA HAS ENOUGH BELGIUM BEER ON TAP. We’ve now reached the saturation point with the recent opening of Zot and The Belgian Cafe‘. Enough!

Coincidentally, Copa Too is the very place where, back in ’95, the FIRST Belgian draft beer was poured in the United States. I remember that day like it was just a few years ago!
Jose’ DID have Brewer’s Art Resurrection Dubbel out of Baltimore, which I haven’t seen in these parts before.

I stopped by the place this past Friday night and it was a good time. The fish tacos were great, and they went along well with the Don De Dieu, a 9% Belgian style wheat from Unibroue out of Canada, a brew I’ve never tried, even though it’s been around since ’98.

One of the things that sets the place apart from the other gastro-pubs is its owner/bartender, one Casey Parker: Casey has quite a history in the Philly bar/music scene. He was formerly the manager at Royal Tavern, a place I HIGHLY recommend for its food, and before that, bartender at Fergie’s Pub. He also fronted a few hair metal/cock-rock bands under the name “Casey Wayne”, which explains the never-ending metal ballads blaring over the jukebox. Casey also is quite a character behind the bar.

Jose Pistola’s, 263 South 15th Street, next door to McGlinchey’s.


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  1. Man… Copa II never honored the half price Margaritas on Mondays, so good riddance… even though their print ad once listed it as so. Their Spanish fries will be missed and we’ll have to go next door to Tops for a burned-in large projection CRT TV. JP’s is ok… but still the Belgium / Latin combo is a little weird. I can’t imagine what they spent on bug poison just to get the place open. http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hPUe_4RpiOLEhdfgBumUfeIIpR6g

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