What’s on our iPod?

September 10, 2007

MP3: Brazos-Feeding Frenzy

Yes ANOTHER great new band from Austin (see Peel). In the vein of Dr. Dog & Animal Collective.
Their first full-length album out in October. Can’t wait.

Brazos Band on myspace
Animal Collective
Speaking of Animal Collective, this 7 minute gem sounds like its slowly building up to a frenzy, but never really gets there. Doesn’t matter; it’s still get’s my dander up every time I hear it.

MP3: Animal Collective-Fireworks. From Strawberry Jam LP, with one of the worst album covers ever.

Animal Collective, coming to the Starlight Ballroom on September 29.

Minus the Bear
MP3: Minus the Bear-Knights

From their new LP Planet of Ice, coming to Philly on the day of my birth, October 8 (@ The Filmore/TLA)

In the same vein of these guys:

MP3: Pinback-Fortress

From San Diego. Coming to the TLA 3 days prior, October 5

Pinback online

MP3: Lil Mama- Lip Gloss (Bomarr Remix)

PalmsOutSounds managed to dig up this bangin remix which perfectly adds bangra strings/vocal samples to the staid original. Awesome.

While you’re there, do yourself a favor and also download this Detroit techno gem:

MP3: Comanechi-Death of You (Gentlemen Drivers Remix)

And we can’t forget reggae. It ALL goes back to reggae, which still takes up 60% of my iPod:

MP3: Ranking Forest-Head of Government

One of the funniest lyrics in a while had to come from a Jamaican:
Ranking Forest rhymes “Mr. Texas president” with “speech impediment.”

On the Family riddim from a soundsystem/production team out of SPAIN of all places. Don’t laugh, some of the best retro reggae riddims are coming from Europe but still employing Jamaican vocalists on some tracks.

Lone Ark Productions on myspace

See also Bost & Bim outta the States and get their mashup riddim mix free download on their homepage.


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  1. […] Jah Mason, plus awesome newcomer Ginjah, along with Junior Kelly,Anthony B and others. I mentioned before that a ton of great new throwback reggae riddims seem to be coming not from Jamaica, but from […]

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