Hey, that’s my old house!

August 23, 2007

NBC10 Flasher

Click here for full video. UPDATE: only partial video available here on youtube.

So I’m watching the news in bed last night and not paying much attention until I see a reporter knock on the door of a philly rowhouse. A disgusting fat guy answers the door in nothing but a bathrobe.

ANYTIME you see that you KNOW something good’s about to happen. Sure nuff: He asks, “is the camera running?”
Well, you can see what fun ensues in the clip above.

Funny shit. Post on blog. End of story.

But the house looked familiar, and when the reporter mentioned Pemberton Street, I knew it was the house I lived in for around 6 years!

The story is this: The fat flasher is one Lawrence Richette, the son of Judge Lisa Richette, an eccentric family court jurist since 1971. The son was arrested for attacking and injuring his 79-year-old mother.
I read about her in the news a year or so ago because she’s had “random” run-ins with muggers and/or disgruntled people whom she’s prosecuted in the past.

Today this story made the front page of philly.com and the Inquirer as well as many other outlets, which report that the judge and her son have had many arguments in public on Pemberton Street, and all the neighbors on the block warn newcomers to stay away from Lawrence Richette because of his confrontational nature.

The reports don’t make any connection between this attack and her oddly-numerous previous attacks, but it looks to me like the police might have to look further into the other attacks; they’ll probably find that the son played a part and they weren’t so random.

After I moved out my buddy bought the place and put a bunch of money into it, with all the nicest amenities. When he sold it, he said the buyer was an asshole who probably wouldn’t appreciate any of it.

Looks like he was dead right. He’s an asshole, but one funny asshole.



  1. That fat bastard has undoubtedly destroyed the interior of my old house. I wonder what he has been using to polish the Corian counter top? I wish the Crazy Jamacian Man still lived next door. Fat Wierdo versus Crazy Jamacian would be a great venue for Pemberton Street Friday Night Fights. We could charge admission.

  2. He’s a real nutjob, but so is his mother. She’s not going to press charges.

  3. what a classic facial expression… seems to say “yeah lady, I know my penis is tiny and my fat rolls are repulsive, but my boobs are bigger than yours so get the f*ck out of here.”

  4. Hehehe! I bet he has a thumb-sized willy!

  5. That guy looks like he should be living on a steady diet of government cheese and sleeping in a van down by the river.

  6. Man, that really cracked me up. You just know he has an innie. I don’t think she had to turn away, there couldn’t have been much to see. BTW: Isn’t THAT illegal, too? I mean, the guy already beat his mother to a pulp, now he could end up prosecuted as a perve. LOL.

  7. Update: Lisa Richette passed away today.

  8. […] “flasher“: #1 search term. […]

  9. What’s not so funny is that he attacked his mother and she needed stitches and died before Larry could be tried.
    What also is not funny is that he has turned violent, has no guardian and has never been declared incompetent although he has been in and out of Mental Institutions scores of times and has a history of violence.
    What is not so funny is that he often stiffs cabs and stiffs fast food delivery persons despite being left a fortune by his parents.
    What is not so funny is that he frequents prostitutes befriends druggies and brings them into his house on our once quiet block.
    What is not so funny is that he seems to be like the “Teflon Don” and is rarely arrested although he routinely makes false police reports and regularly engages in disorderly conduct.
    What is not so funny is that he bangs peeks in our windows, bangs on our doors, and curses and threatens us in the street. If the door is unlocked he just barges in.
    What is not so funny is that he has repeatedly turned on all four burner of his gas stove and calls the gas company and says he smells gas.
    What is not so funny is that he has no respect for persons or the law and has on several occasion violated “stay away orders”.
    What is not so funny is his house is in an unsafe and uninhabitable condition.
    What is not so funny is that last year he was wandering the block and flashing people in a feces- stained bathrobe.
    What is not so funny is that he is noncompliant with his psyche-meds regimen.
    What is not so funny is that he purposefully disrupts the sleep of people living on the block.
    What’s not so funny is that he regularly used the N-Word, The C-Word to describe women, and fagot, to name a few.
    What is not funny is that he slips strange and threatening notes through peoples letter boxes.
    What is not funny is that he routinely calls 911, claims he was burglarized and tries to implicate people on the block.
    What is not so funny is that he cursed out a Police Captain and was not arrested.
    And you do not even want to know about the knife fight and that he was not arrested.

    Suffice to say: “NOT SO FUNNY!”

  10. He has a bath robe but looks like he requires an extended scrubbing.

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