Black Moth Super Rainbow @ The Khyber

August 21, 2007

So I got to finally see for myself that those noisemakers who go by the name of Black Moth Super Rainbow aren’t actually robots, or a group ghosts who get together in the Western PA woods every new moon to put together blissed out sounds. I was at least expecting to see a freakshow, or at least some hazy scruffy-looking hippies. What I saw was quite the opposite: Two regular guys, and two… ladies. One of which looked like a 20 years-old coed on Penn’s rowing team. And SHE was the one making most of that amazing keyboard sounds that dominate all of BMSR’s tunes.

I got to the Khyber early, thinking the show would sell out, so I had to sit through THREE opening acts, all of which were fine, but they all lacked a bit of BMSR’s… soul? That’s not the proper word… Just take a listen to some of their shit and you’ll get my drift.

Brooklyn Vegan just reported that they’ve reissued their first two LPs.
BMSR have tons of mp3s available on their site.

Catch ’em touring with the Flaming Lips and Aesop Rock in your town before they blow up. Wait. Rolling Stone called them a “band to watch.”
Damn. They already have.


One comment

  1. I thought they created a great vibe; partially because the lesbian- adolescent-drummer had a genuine ferocity to her playing (by-the-by (or plain old gay)it was her birthdy the night that night–she wouldn’t tell me how old she was–my guess-20)…and that rad chic who created all of the cool keyboard sounds—had this Jan-Bradey-calm the was a stellar contrast with the drummer’s feircenenss.

    Mat–The dude who was on the other keyboard reminded me of you when you first came to philly–that same young enthusiasm for “the scene.” He kindof looked like you did then (now that look–it’s retro; ouch! but true).

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