Budos Band live at WCL Philly

August 13, 2007

budos band II
I’m back! And I’m an idiot. First off, I’ve been away on small vacations for a while. More on that later. Why am I an idiot? Cuz I forgot my camera for the Budos show and the pics woulda finally looked good since they played upstairs at World Cafe Live, which has small intimate stage. THEN on the way out, I forgot to pick up their new CD (II), so I don’t have any MP3s to share (and except for Chicago Falcon, none are available online).

It was a great show but its sad that more people didn’t show up: the crowd was made up mostly of New Yorkers– friends/groupies fans of the band.

A cool thing I learned from an interview of the band on WNYC is that three of the members also played with Amy Winehouse on her entire tour. I knew that the Dap Kings were her backup band, and I knew some of the Budos members sometimes played with their labelmates, but I didn’t know some of them were permanent members.

Pick up the album just so you can hear their unexpectedly great cover of “My Girl”.

Speaking of Sharon Jones, she’s also got a new one on it’s way in October, and her record release party will be held at the Apollo Theater. Now THAT might be a show worth heading to Harlem for, since she’s skipping Philly… AGAIN!
BBQChickenRobot has some chunes from her new album.

Shows I’m looking forword to seeing or will deeply regret NOT seeing:

Devendra Banhart @ the TLA Sept. 29
Covert Curiosity has more about his forthcoming album along with a great photo. Damn that guy is photogenic.

Black Moth Super Rainbow @ the Khyber this Friday Aug. 17

Walter Meego w/ VHS or Beta @ Johnny Brendas Friday Aug. 31

Matthew Dear w/ Mobius Band @ Johnny Brendas Tues. Oct. 2

Iron & Wine @ The Tower Theater Tues. Sept. 28

Feist @ The Tower Theater Sept 12

Amy Winehouse @ The Tower Theater Sept 13


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