Pics of last night’s Man Man show in Philly

July 11, 2007

man man
Got there too late to see O’Death, which was a bummer, but was able to see all of Deerhunter’s set, which was also a bummer. I agree with Jill– what’s the hype about? They sounded like Bardo Pond, with that one cord wall of noise that gets old quick in a 100 degree venue. But man, that lead singer is a real looker!

Man Man lived up to expectations and were just as good as in this footage (a must see) at a pool party in NYC earlier this month. They were a ball of energy and the number of intruments used was astounding. At one time all five members were playing their own drum set. Their sound is a mix of klezmer and carousel music set to Tom Waits vocals. They gave love to their hometown crowd, but weirdly, never uttered a word to the audience between songs.

Funny story about Man Man: Ddog and I had a chance to see them when they opened for Fiery Furnaces at the First Unitarian Church a few years back, but for some reason we both weren’t really into them yet (they hadn’t grown on us) so we spent the entirety of their set standing outside in the cold smoking cigs and getting our drink on. We’re still kicking ourselves.

CallMeMickey has Push The Eagle’s Stomach available for download.

Daytrotter has some great O’Death studio sessions available.

man man drummer
And lastly, make time to read the Philadelphia City Paper’s April article on Man Man. It’s a great read with crazy pics. NOW I’m a little scared of these guys…

AND THIS JUST IN: Philadelphia Weekly’s fine concerts in the park series will feature Man Man and Favourite Sons August 22! FREE! …and I just paid ten bucks! What a gyp. KIDDING.

Full lineup here.



  1. It was a great show, eh? I’ve got vids up on my blog! Come check ’em out.

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