611 Records closes its doors

June 29, 2007

611.jpgSo another record store loses the battle and closes. I can’t believe 611 lasted as long as it did. Back in the 90s when EVERYONE owned two turntables and a mixer, this place was ground zero. It was always crowded. I’d often have to wait for a turntable to sample the newest arrivals. When I’ve walked by lately its usually almost empty- and I’m guilty of its demise too; I used to buy records there, or Cue, or Sounds of Market EVERY week. Now I don’t know the last CD or album I’ve actually bought. All downloads now. Shame. I can’t begin to explain how important the store is/was on dance music. Here’s a list of just some of the big name DJs that have worked behind the counter at one time or another:
Nigel Richards (owner), Dieselboy(arguably the most famous American drum & bass dj), Willyum, J Smooth, Pete Moss, Carl Michaels, Josh Wink (I don’t think he actually worked there, but was always inside) and many more.


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