Craft beer in cans- Its about time.

June 4, 2007


From philly.com: Can do- craft-beer makers kicking glass, going metal.

I’m so excited about this. Old Chub and Dale’s Pale Ale from Colorado pretty much started it with their wide distribution, and I’m proud that Sly Fox from here in PA is a close second at least here– I’m not sure how far they’re distributed.

I’ve always felt a lot of guilt buying so much beer in non reusable bottles because it’s such a waste of resources.

From the article:

the latter-day beer can is lined with polymer film, mooting the metallic-taste problem once associated with cans’ welded seams. In the green department, it scores well, too: It’s lighter to transport, takes less energy to chill, recycles like a charm. (Doesn’t cut feet.)

I don’t have research to back me up, but I believe the welded seam=metallic taste info is false. Cans have had a plastic liner since their inception. When I collected cans as a kid I’d always find rusted cans from the 1050s and I could clearly see a film on the inside that would separate from the rusted steel.

Those that argue that beer in cans takes on a metallic taste are getting that flavor (or smell) from the TOP of the can where their lips touch the can. I drink all of my beer out of a glass anyway, so this doesn’t concern me.

The Good Dog has $3 Sly Fox Pheonix Pale Ale cans at all times.

Now can anyone tell me the name of that IPA in the photo so I can get me a case?

UPDATE: DDog found the beer– It’s from 21st Amendment Brewery out of San Fran. Can’t find word on it’s availability on the East coast. Might contact the brewers.


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  1. Skinny, I know this is an old post….but just wanted to let you know that there was a front-page article in the Wall Street Journal about how the art of beer can collecting is being lost….and the efforts to preserve it. Reminded me of you in your youth, combing dumps with Duberville for cone-tops and such. It was the DEC 9, 2009 paper.

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