Whats on our iPod–Our Favorite new music

May 30, 2007


Moonbabies. BBQChickenRobot turned me on to this Swedish pop duo. From their fourth album At the Ballroom

MP3: Moonbabies- Cocobelle (from BBQChickenRobot)

MP3: Moonbabies- Take Me to the Ballroom (from SoMuchSilence)

MP3: Moonbabies- War on Sound (from PowerPopulist)

The Crayon Fields. I first hoid this Aussie band on Gorilla vs Bear, who thinks they’re a straight up Zombies ripoff. I says they’re Belle & Sebastion in disguise. The lead singer even has that half-awake, lispy voice. From the Animal Bells LP.

(It seems their MP3s have all been taken down from the blogs. Check their myspace page linked above. Choir of Tiny Boys is my tune of the moment and available on iTunes)

Peel. from Gorilla vs Bear and CovertCuriosity– all three from Austin, TX.

MP3: Peel- Oxford
MP3: Peel- In The City (from Gimme Tinnitus– what a great name!)

The best song on the self-titled LP is Navy Waves, but all the mp3s online link to the wrong song.

The Black Keys are offering a new live EP recorded last Fall in LA and Nashville free for download on their myspace page. Get ’em quick cuz they might not be up long.

On the Jamaican music front, I’m really digging audiomaxxx.com‘s new cd download service. 5 dolla mixes of the freshest riddims straight from jamaican 45s mixed seamlessly with the occassional cheezy sound effects thrown in.

Be sure to pick up Jah Rising Star Revelation Music Vol. 1, which features the Serengeti riddim. (Full album of the riddim available on MP3 here)
and Higher Heights Culture Mix Pt. 6.


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