To Remember Cyclists Killed On the Roads

May 15, 2007


Join the Ride of Silence Wednesday May 16 @ 6:45 PM in front of the art museum.

From the City Paper:

A low-speed, seven-mile bike ride performed in complete silence might not sound like fun, but fun’s not the idea behind the Ride of Silence. In its second year in Philly, and fourth nationwide, the Ride of Silence aims to remember cyclists killed on the road and make motorists more aware that cyclists — brazen as they may seem in traffic — are really quite precarious when surrounded by cars, and incredibly frail when struck by one.

Last year’s ride, which started at the Art Museum and snaked slowly through Center City, was greeted by solemn support and, predictably, honking horns. Just four days before the inaugural ride, 6-year-old Riley Boyle was killed on Martin Luther King Drive by a motorist. At least four more cyclists, says ride co-organizer Raymond Scheinfeld, have since been killed in area traffic — including Kelly J. Ronto, 42, who was killed on Caroline Drive near Black Rock Road last weekend.

And while four deaths might pale by comparison to the murder barrage this town is currently facing, they’re just as pointless and highly preventable.

Scheinfeld and co-organizer John Siemiarowski went to a memorial ride in New York in January to pick up some tips on how to better get the ride’s message across to the public.

“The fascinating thing for us,” says Scheinfeld, “was that for the first [ride], the entire spectrum of the bike community — racers, commuters, recreational riders, messengers, handicapped trike riders and others — got together and rode in unison.”

Which, like, never happens.

More here.


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