Sick New Electronic & Soul Music

May 8, 2007

I used to dj a few years back before the family came along, so I was constantly crate digging: I was into it all: house, electro, drum & bass, dancehall, old-school tr/hip hop, funk & soul… Back then these labels were going strong: TummyTouch, K-7, Pork, Ninja Tunes, OM Records. They’re still around, but I don’t hear much from them anymore. Artist like Kruder & Dorfmeister, Layo & Bushwacka, Tim “Love” Lee are still producing stuff but not making many waves.

Some of my old faves are still going strong, but they kinda jumped the shark (See Bob Sinclair, Daft Punk, Cassius, Basement Jaxx).

I got heavily into reggae, soul, and indie recently but was always on the lookout for new electronic, but I just wasn’t finding much. I blew too much money on vinyl and now its getting wet in the basement. No need to hop between record stores anymore. Sorry, Cue, Armands and 611. Now it’s all done online thanks to the multitude of music blogs and Peel software.

Well lately, kinda out of nowhere, I’m getting blindsided by all kinds of sick electronic tunes. Lots of it in the indie vein, but some of it pure techno… and I’ve gotta say, there’s some whammies, but mostly it’s all really tight shit.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of my fave labels, artists and sites in the past month or so:

Ratatat, a tweaky electronic act has remixed a bunch of hip hop artists and the results are amazing.
MP3: Jay Z & Biggie- Allure (Ratatat Remix)

Matthew Dear Minimal Detroit techno artist. New LP Asa out June 5.
MP3s available at ObscureSound.com and XLR8.com

MP3: Bassnectar -Yo (Speaker Junk’s Jackin Brazilian Rave Remix)

Walter Meego Chicago band in the vein of Junior Boys and LCD Soundsystem. Check out any remix.
MP3: Walter Meego-Through a Keyhole (and others thanks to largeheartedboy.com)

PalmsOutSound remix Sunday. Check it every week for a shiteload of new remixes.

Black Moth Super Rainbow– Mellotron goodness outta Pittsburgh(!?)
Downloads on their site and more MP3s from IndieBlogHeaven

Free the Robots Jazzy grooves from California.
MP3s available from CovertCuriosity

Tru Thoughts label from the UK that was great back then and better now. Featuring TM Juke, Alice Russell, Quantic, Diesler, and formerly Bonobo.
MP3:Freddie Cruger-Pushing On feat. Linn from Shapes Compilation by Robert Luis.

Beatonic.co.uk Site features full FREE downloadable mixes. Be sure to check out the Barrio Katz mix and the Boogieburg mix, them being from Virginia of all places.

WeFunkRadio from CKUT outta Montreal. Wicked straight up obscure funk, soul and rollerskate jams mixed perfectly with old and new school hip hop. Two hour live sets every Friday at midnight, with a giant catalog available for streaming (they used to be available for download but the copyright police must’ve got ahold of ’em).

J*Star out of all the mashup djs/producers, he’s my fave. Can take a Toni Braxton tune and mash it perfectly with straight up dub and make it sound better than the original. Check out beatonic above for a dubbed out J*Star mashup.

Justice, on Ed Banger Records: A new twist on the old French house sound.
Sweet video for new single at Brooklyn Vegan.

It’s not really electronic music but more soul and doo-wap: Something is definitely in the water over in the UK. Check Lily Allen, Alice Russell, Amy Winehouse, and Mark Ronson. Bitty Mclean’s doing Versions of revival riddims with a voice that sounds like it’s straight outta 1968.

alice russell
MP3: Alice Russell – Hurry On Now (Boub Remix) Forget Joss Stone. Alice Russell is the new Teena Marie. White AND British… soul?

New York/London dj/producer Mark Ronson is the man behind the throwback sound on Amy Winehouse’s album. His own new album Version is out in the UK and soon here.
MP3: Mark Ronson (feat. Amy Winehouse) – Valerie

From NYC, Theres the Budos Band and Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings both on the Daptone label. Go see this always touring soul revue. Budos Band resemble but outperform their brethren Antibalas and Sharon Jones puts on a show that makes YOU sweat more than her.


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