Free high def TV

April 25, 2007

Over the air
DDog and I both commented how weird it is that neither of us have written about Macs or high def tv until his Phillips tube tv post last week. We’re passionate about both and spend most of our time at work arguing (over instant message) about Macs, music and TVs.

For the record, he likes highly modified old Macs with lots of cards crammed into them so he can take them apart daily. Me, I like to keep it simple; Mac Mini or iMac with dual monitor, updated every two or three years.

Music: He likes the new synth/80s revival bands. Me= roots reggae, soul, electronic, indie.

As for TVs, he’s a small guy so he loves the small tube tvs and I likey the large LCD.

One thing we agree on: Comcast sucks and free over the air (OTA) high def TV rules.

In Philly, we’re both blessed and cursed: This is Comcast central, so they gots the monopoly on cable. BUT: All of Philly’s major channels (CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, FOX, CW, WB) are broadcast in crisp digital high definition. For free. All you need is an antenna. And with a little help with the multitude of articles online (linked below) you can tell Comcast and their lame set-top boxes with their rental fees and high prices to go to hell.

Did I mention that OTA actually has a better picture than cable and satallite? They both compress their signal to free up bandwidth. Verizon’s new FIOS doesn’t do this, but it’s only available in limited areas. My buddy has it out in the burbs, but the cable box is just as slow and clunky as Comcast’s.

I’ve been watching OTA for two years now, and I don’t miss cable at all much. I DO miss Discovery and maybe Comedy Central, but thank god, no more lame MTV.

So, to all my friends who stop by then snicker and call me a cheap-ass when I tell them I use an old-fashioned antenna:
Ya’ll keep bending over and letting Comcast have their way with you while I roll around nekkid on top of the 70+ dolla I save a month!


Terrestrial Digital antenna sales up 100% from engadget

OTA HD demystified by Ben Drawbaugh. The best quick how-to article reposted by engadget

THE place to visit to help select and position your antenna based on your location.

AVS Forums, OTA Philadelphia
Where to ask questions and get answers from others in the area. Also THE place to be for all things HDTV.

Places to buy besides Radioshack:

Great selection and excellent help with choosing the right antenna.


UPDATE 5/18/07: Cable and satellite customers displeased with service
New survey shows Comcast still at the bottom of list of companies in which to do business with, even though their profits have soared a whopping 80%. Must be great to be a monopoly. Give shit service and rake in the money.



  1. […] As you know, I ditched cable for OTA television long ago, but now everyone else can do the same, at least until the cable industry offers programming a la carte. […]

  2. […] 2. Dump Comcast and go with Earthlink and Dish, or just get a rooftop tv antenna. […]

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