No need to apologize THIS time, Nagin

April 24, 2007

Was Ray Nagin right? (article here and another here)

The answer is a resounding YES.

I can’t even believe I’m siding with that blowhole Nagin, but let’s call a spade a spade.

Many other philly blogs agree with Nagin to a point. One blog said we weren’t as bad an NYC which I don’t agree with. We’re way dirtier, and NY has twice the population density. Don’t even TRY to compare us to Boston, Chicago, or Montreal.

I don’t think life-long Philadelphians see it as much as us transplants; how on a windy day the trash blows up against your leg like autumn leaves.
Almost daily I see motorists- even police officers throw trash out car windows. Some are kind enough to throw it near the sewer grates (I have yet to figure out how philadelphians think that’s OK).
Once I taught Catholic school in Grey’s Ferry. While at recess a large group of kids shared a pack of gum and threw their wrappers on the ground. When I asked them to pick it up and stop littering, they seriously belly laughed. “are you serious?” they gasped. No one had EVER told them not to drop their garbage where they stood. I don’t even think they had ever HEARD the term “litter” before.
I’ve lived in all four corners of the city; it doesn’t matter which area: I can stand in front of my house and sweep, and even on a still day, an hour later it’ll be littered with soda bottles, plastic bags and chip wrappers.
My few neighbors who bothered to sweep outside never actually bagged the trash. Most would just sweep it to the curb. One always hosed her own windowbox clippings onto the sidewalk in front of my house. Another neighber would pick up trash but always plunged everything into the sewer grate.

The Inquirer asked readers to submit photos here under the question, “Philadelphia, dirty or not?” Coincidentally, the first photo submitted is around the corner from me.

Yes, Philly, I know I’ve been down on you lately, but you’re dirty. Dirtier than… New Orleans.



  1. I spend 25 minutes cringing everytime that I take the R1 in from the airport. Disgusting. Nice job Septa and Philly. Let the residents defecate all over the entrance to your city for many of the incoming tourists so that the city’s tourists can up their excitement on the way in.

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