Quick review: Dr. Dog show @ The Starlight Ballroom

April 17, 2007

IllinoisSpinto BandDr. Dog

Dr. Dog played along with the Spinto Band, Bardo Pond and Illinois as part of the Philly Popped Festival last Friday night. I woulda got this post up earlier but we had no power at work all day Monday on account of the storm. Couldn’t get it done over the weekend at home cuz I was busy bailing out my flooded basement. 25 buckets of water so far… There goes my record collection.
Anyway, about the show:

-It was a packed show and most everyone I talked to A. was there to see Dr. Dog, and B. lives in a warehouse in West Philly or Fishtown and was having a party the following day.

– I love that venue. The Starlight is a bitch to get to via car because of the Vine St. Expswy., but although it’s large there’s not really a bad sightline in the house. And the dudes running the shows are always chill. I can (and did) walk in with an open beer. No patdowns, no rude musclehead bouncers, no attitude. This goes for most R5 shows there too.

-Dr. Dog are amazing. And no, I don’t like them just because they’re local. I actually DISlike a lot of bands because they’re local. Don’t know why that is… maybe because I hear so much hype about local bands from the local press JUST because they’re local, NOT because they’re good. Which brings me to…

-Bardo Pond. Man, I’m sorry, but they suck. Saw them years back, gave them a chance again, same thing. Loud droney stuff that was popular back in the early 90s. It sucked then, it sucks now.

-Illinois and Spinto Band were good. Both bands are probably made up of rich kids from the suburbs, and, based on the way they dressed, Spinto Band aren’t ashamed of it.

I realize I must do something about my horrible photography skills. Ddog’s the better photographer, but he refuses to carry anything but his lame camera phone, so we’re useless together.

**Check out an interview and four free mp3s of Dr. Dog in studio tunes courtesy of webzine Daytripper.

Minnesota Public Radio has an interview and an in studio performance with tracks which are better than the album tracks.

Philly Popped Fest posted video snippets of the actual show (Dr. Dog and Spinto Band sets only) on YouTube.

Dr. Dog were added to the (always rained on) Jam On The River lineup at Penn’s Landing over Memorial Day wknd.



  1. actualy the spinto band are rich kids from Delaware.

  2. and they also said, that we couldn’t last togethe. Serafino Raimondo.

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