The Philad. Inquirer is leaning to the right

April 6, 2007

I get my trusty Philadelphia Inquirer delivered right to my stoop daily, just as it has for years. I read every page except the sports(!) but that may soon change.

Yesterday they printed an op-ed piece titled Hidden cost of driving a Prius–Totaling all the energy expended, from design to junkyard, a Hummer may be a better bargain. It made a good point, so I cut out the article and put it on top of the stack of things I planned to research and eventually write about on this here site.

But then Albert over at dragonballyee/philly beat me to it. That’s great since he’s a better writer and now I don’t have to do the work!
First give the original column a read, then read Albert’s take.

Here’s what I wrote in his comments section:

My God, you’re on top of things, man.  I read the column in the Inquirer yesterday and was blown away because I almost believed it.  Then I brought up the author’s website, 60plus.org .  The title sounds like a standup nonprofit fighting for the rights of senior citizens to me.  It even states in the opening sentence that its a “non-partisan seniors advocacy group”.  Damn, I thought. How could I have been so duped by that cute electric car?  Then I noticed not one, but THREE pictures of the author shaking hands with Bush, plus one with Rove, then another with the entire bush family.  That’s JUST THE FRONT PAGE.

That explains everything.

Effing Inquirer.  I love to have it waiting for me every day.  I read every page of it and have for years and years, but I’m gonna have to quit someday if they keep up this pandering to the right wing.

Now you conservatives (really just my parents) listen carefully before you start writing nasty things back:
I know the paper has the right to allow both left and right thinking authors have their say. But the playing field isn’t level when said rightwing author IS IN BED WITH THE OIL INDUSTRY. Is it?

Readers scream everyday threatening to cancel their subscriptions when they read something they disagree with. I’m not going that far, and I realize the problems newspapers are having these days with declining subscribers. But dear, dear Inky– pandering to the right in NOT going to gain you more readers. C’mon. Smirkonish?

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