New Kings of Leon, Black Keys inspired bands

April 6, 2007


Check out this coincidence. I’m searching the Internet for tracks from the great new Kings of Leon LP, and I stumble upon HearYa, a decent music blog with some nice K of L tracks for download. I get to reading a post about Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys, and REALLY like all three bands posted: Brimstone Howl, Radio Moscow, and SSM. So I totally feel out of it for not even KNOWING of these bands before, even though I saw the Black Keys play last time they were in Philly (SSM opened but I guess I missed them).
They’re a young garage rock threesome out of Detroit.

Then I shit you not, 10 minutes later I walk across campus here where I work and notice a poster for a show tonight. SSM. Free. Here on campus. Now I have NO excuse to miss it. It’s fate.

Let me know if you wanna go. Maybe I can sneak you in.

-posted by thinman


One comment

  1. Let me know how that show is. You should also check these guys out: http://www.leopoldandhisfiction.com/.

    Daniel (lead singer/guitarist) is a great guy. Hung out for a bit with him at SXSW.

    E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!

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