USPRO Bike Race, June 10, 2007

April 4, 2007

O’brien’s Watering Hole
Sunday, June 10 2007, 9 AM.

Man, every year its the same: The weather gets warm and I start to get psyched for the USPRO cycling race in Philly, usually held every year on the first Sunday in June. So I open my web browser and bring up my race bookmarks. Hmm. Old links. I google “First Union bike race” or “Wachovia bike race”, or even “Corestates bike race” and all I get are old race results.

Wait. Don’t tell me. They changed the friggin name of the race again? Well, Kinda.

Looks like its now called the Commerce Bank Philadelphia International Championship.

It seems that it had that name and sponsorship starting last year, but I guess I forgot. I even got my picture taken with “Commie the C” (a guy in the Commerce Bank ‘C’ costume. My 2 year old bawled)

I just wish they’d stick with a simple name. Attendance has declined yearly (but leveled off recently) prolly because no one can find any info online!
Bookmark the link above, but bet it will be dead next year.

The weather is always perfect, so I’ll see you all on Lemon Hill bright and early. I’ll bring the family on my tandem with my tent, grill, dogs, case of Iron City, and frisbee.

Oh, and some bad news:

As of November, the house known as “O’Brien’s Watering Hole” on the Wall (photo above courtesy of Don Varley) has been on the market. No word on whether it’s been sold to a bike race enthusiast.

-posted by thinman

UPDATE: See comments below:



  1. It sounds like a good time–thanx fer the invite. You make a danged- valid-point about the fluctuating name of the event. How many peeps usually join you on the hill? I hope I don’t see Pete.

    Remember when you helped me pick-out my old bike (the Fisher that got stolen)–I need some lighter wheels for Wendelin’s old Raleigh–where should I get my new wheels? Can you help my pw-ee-ase!

    Peace on you–Wave

  2. thinmann, What about the Friday event on the wall in Mannyunk. Where the contestents devise crazy contraptions that will roll down the hill. I think there is a lot of drinking during the morning.

  3. April 23, 2007 update:

    I’m able to view the search terms people use when they find this site. You wouldn’t believe the amount of hits this post gets from people Googling terms like “wachovia bike race”, “philly bike race 2007”, even “corestates bike race”. I get 5 or 6 daily. It shows how poorly advertised this race is.
    Still no article in the Inquirer even.
    If anyone finds a better site than the lame Pro Cycling Tour site linked above, PLEASE let me know.



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