Reunited Sebadoh @ The North Star April 2

March 31, 2007

One of my all time favorite bands, with all three original members. Last time I saw them was probaby in ’97? at the Trocadero with the Apples in Stereo. Might have to dig up my ticket stub to verify.

The show’s on Monday (bummer) but I live on the same street and just up the block from the North Star so I have no excuse.

If your not yet hip to the band, first do yourself a favor: Forget what the critics say about their “classic” albums- The Freed Weed and III. Don’t bother. Mostly low fi noise. Pick up their later stuff: Bakesale (above), Bubble and Scrape, and Harmacy.

More info:

From this week’s Philadelphia Weekly:

A reunited Sebadoh played the Khyber three years back, but that was just Lou Barlow, Jason Loewenstein and a drum machine. This time there’s Eric Gaffney too, who co-founded the band with Barlow two decades ago. Gaffney’s yen for noisy psych used to offset Barlow’s gooey earnestness, a task left to Loewenstein when Gaffney exited after the messily brilliant Bubble & Scrape. Now that Barlow has made peace with J. Mascis in a reunited Dinosaur Jr., it’s only natural that he’d try the same trick with Gaffney and his other iconic ’90s band. Hey, it beats making mediocre solo records and lugging around that drum machine. (D.W.)

Sebadoh’s own website has some live mp3s available.

Pitchfork has photos of the San Diego show. looks like Lou has put on some pounds.


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