Back in the saddle, but one shitty commute

March 17, 2007

You wouldn’t know it today with inches of sleet and the temp below 32 F, but it was finally quite nice most of the week here in Philly.
No time to ride for pleasure anymore; Nowadays I only ride out of necessity– so I commute from Center City to my job in the burbs whenever I can.
Other than quick joints around town, I haven’t done any real miles since December, so my legs were hurtin yesterday.

So check out this crappy commute: I had to take our only car to the dealership up in Ardmore on Tuesday. Threw the bike on the rack, dropped off the car and rode bike to work in Springfield. Then rode home since the car wasn’t ready. Got a fiat on the way. Forgot to mention that I’m the KING OF FLATS. NO ONE beats the king. Patch flat and install the child seats on the bike (two kids, front AND rear seats; Will write more about this at another time since I get a LOT of questions about this) on the bike since I have to take the kids to school on the opposite side of town.
Wednesday: Load up the kids and ride to South Philly. Dismantle the seats and stash them in the men’s bathroom at school (figure no one would notice since it’s an all female staff). Ride 13 miles to work. Honest to God get ANOTHER flat but just make it to work. Patch it. Get the call at noon that the V- Dub is ready. “Only” $740 but was expecting much worse (again, another story, another post). Take off early to beat the traffic and find the temp has dropped 15 degrees and I’m wearing shorts and a short sleeve jersey. To make things worse, I gotta ride STRAIGHT INTO a 35 mph wind. Takes me about an hour to get up to the Main Line, mount the bike on the roof, drive to and through Center City to pick up the kids. One kid (I swear I’m not exagerating) now has the flu and won’t stop shitting and barfing (and crying) but again, that’s another story. Got home in time for the Simpsons. Bring on the weekend.
The wife’s bike is still locked up outside the school in this weather since I didn’t have her key. Bummer. Custom built, steel Breezer mtn. bike…and you know how much steel loves the elements.
Surprisingly, the legs feel OK today. C’mon Spring!



  1. Matt,
    That story is amazing. I want to hear the details about the kids and fixing the flat too. Unbelievable.

    Hey, if you are getting comments on the blog how come it doesn’t show any comments?

    Just curious.


  2. Comments should show at the bottom of the post if you reload the page.
    Got another flat Monday by the way. Different bike. I should add a “flat tire counter” on the sidebar. 3 or 4 so far for the season…

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