More right-wing tricks

March 7, 2007


Now that our system of checks and balances is actually… balanced, and the Third Reich is no longer the ruling party in Congress, one by one, their dirty tricks are coming to light.

Along with this administration’s strong arming scientists to keep mum on global warming, sweetheart deals with war contractors, secret wire tappings, Abu Ghraib, etc. etc. etc.,
Today brings word that eight US prosecutors were improperly and politically pressured by Republicans who asked them to sway judicial decisions and push the Republican agenda. All eight were eventually fired.

And yesterday, the Libby trial reached a guilty verdict. The interesting thing about the trial is that most of the jurists believed that Libby was the fall guy for Cheney and Rove, and that Libby was “only following Cheney’s orders”.

Now keep in mind that Fox News and conservative talk show hosts are going to spin these bullying tactics as sore loser Democrat’s trying to get back at an administration who stole the election.
So lets keep this simple: This behavior is AGAINST THE LAW. ITS UNPRECEDENTED in it’s breadth. Sure, dirty politics has played a part in our history before, but NOT TO THIS EXTENT. In the old days, slimy actions like these were usually the chores for low-level politicos. In this administration, Bush, Cheney, Rove and numerous high ranking congressmen themselves were the ones making the calls.

My bet is there’s a LOT more of these stories to come. this is just the tip.

Libby is the fall guy in perjury trial

Ousted US Attorneys felt “leaned on”

Philad. Inquirer editorial: Libby takes the fall


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