Three new highly recommended LPs

March 1, 2007

Various Artists Studio One Rub-A-Dub
Soul Jazz Records

I don’t know where to begin when describing my favorite record labels of all time: Souljazz and Studio One. Studio One has been reissuing their own catalog for years but the quality has been horrible. Souljazz is a top rate UK label that remasters and compiles the reggae classics in slick packaging with great liner notes. I highly recommend their 100% Dynamite series.
I thought I owned everything studio One ever put out, then along came this compilation of their pre-dancehall 1970s stuff.
Check out their site for samples, pick up the cd in any shop in Philly, or download the full lp at audiomaxxx.com.

MP3: Judah Eskender Tafari-Danger in Your Eyes

Johnny Osborne & The Sensations- Come Back Darling
Expanded 2 disk set, originally released 1969 Techniques Records
Trojan Records

The best voice in reggae, Johnny Osbourne has hit it big for four decades and four jamaican styles: rocksteady, reggae, dancehall and lovers’ rock. This one’s a scorcher. I can’t find it on Trojan’s site for some odd reason, so pick it up the the most comprehensive and well-done record shop on the Web, Juno.co.uk.

The Papercuts
Can’t Go Back
Gnomonsong Records

Had to add one indie band in the mix. I don’t buy much music anymore with all the (free) stuff available online, but I had to pick something up in the (cough: overrated) Waterloo Records in Austin. Glad I did. It’s the San Fran band’s sophomore release on a new label founded by Devendra Banhart. IndieFolkPop? Touring with Grizzly Bear as we speak. They’re skipping Philly but you can catch them this week in DC, Baltimore or NYC.

THIS is a great track from the album, curtesy of Covert Curiosity:

MP3: The Papercuts-Take the 227th Exit


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