Two incredible additions to Fairmount

February 27, 2007

This is the best news I’ve heard in a while- I heard rumors earlier, then AD Amorosi wrote about it in the City Paper so it must be true: Fergus Carey and Tom Peters of Monk’s Cafe are opening a restaurant in the sometimes-maligned Tavern On Green at 20th and Green St. in my hood. Tavern on Green had what it takes to succeed and it lasted a long time (since 1979!), but it just couldn’t do it WELL. Pretty good beer, nice dining room, outdoor seating, cozy location, but so so food. It’s gonna be a hit but I’m sure there’s going to be some complaining about the (soon to be lack of) parking.

The other news is the old Cuvee Notredame on the same street down a bit on 17th St. is being renovated by the owners of Bishop’s Collar and The Darkhorse/Blacksheep. ALL highly regarded restauranteurs/tavern owners. According to posts on Phillyblog.com, “The Cuvee spot is planning to open the second week of April. It’s going to be called “tàbhairne” which is gaelic for tavern.”

It’s a guarantee that the Monks 2 space will be done well. Everything those two touch turns to gold. I can’t even think of any suggestions. But for the Irish bar spot: PLEASE guys, You do not have to have a strictly Irish/English tap lineup just because it’s an Irish bar. PLEASE mix in some American micros. Except for Guinness, all that English Ale tastes the same!! They’re one step up from Bud. I’m betting they will since Jeff Keel keeps an interesting mix on tap at Bishop’s. I just wish he’d change it a bit– Acme IPA is wonderful, but there are 100’s of other IPAs out there waiting to get in the door!

Can’t wait!



One comment

  1. Wow! Yer gettin’ pretty sharp in your old age. Stellar, gritty writing (you have a real feel for philly). Let me know if you want me to add a horrible scope to your blog. example: Leo: you will discover you have had a conversation with an attractive person and you had a bloody booger diving off of your left nosrtil the entire time.

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