The Skatalites at the Trocadero Theatre, Philly

February 23, 2007

Check out this list of names:

Tommy McCook
Rolando Alphonso
Lloyd Brevett
Lloyd Knibb
Lester Sterling
Don Drummond
Jah Jerry Haynes
Jackie Mittoo
Johnny Moore
Jackie Opel
Doreen Shaffer

Even if you’re just a slight music geek, chances are you’ve heard of at least of couple of ’em. All of them were original members or members of the Skatalites at one time. Now only Lloyd Knibb and Lester “Ska” Sterling remain (pictured). Their website lists Doreen Shaffer as a member in 1964, but I think that’s stretching the truth a bit. We’ll let it slide since she WAS a contributor/singer on many Jamaican classics of the that time. The site also lists Lloyd Brevett as still with them, but he wasn’t there last night.
The show at the Troc was OK; the crowd was a little thin- I was able to walk right up front and center stage to take this shot. They also didn’t do any encores due to some 11 pm curfew for all-ages show (according to the boards at phillyska.com) which was pretty lame.

Speaking of lame: Hey Trocadero, can you tame those apes you call bouncers? This was a low key, friendly show, barely anyone drinking, no one smoking, just kids dancing, and you got this musclehead standing there wearing BLACK LEATHER DRIVING GLOVES. WTF? You shoulda called him at home before the show and told him to take the day off. Cmon. And get rid of the attitude. The TLA used to be the same way, but they’ve REALLY gotten better. They’re actually really nice folks, even on sold-out shows. The doormen/doorladies even say “have a good show” when they take my ticket! In Philly!?

MP3:The Skatalites & Toots-Split Personality


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  1. […] shows are always chill. I can (and did) walk in with an open beer. No patdowns, no rude musclehead bouncers, no attitude. This goes for most R5 shows there […]

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