Walking, eating and drinking in Austin, Texas

February 21, 2007

lonestar.jpgI haven’t travelled in a long, LONG while, so I decide to get away and see Austin TX the day of the worst ice snow of the year. I got stuck on the plane, sitting on the runway for four hours while we waited in line for de-icing.
It doesn’t sound all that bad, but considering the VERY LAST TIME I flew, the same thing happened for a tiny rainstorm. Four hours that time too. With a child. That doesn’t even count the 4-5 hour trip after takeoff. Fucking Philly airport. It happened another time a year before that too, but I’ll quit bitching for a sec. and get on with the story about Austin. Wait. OK. One more bitch: Austin’s temp. was averaging in the 50-60’s F in the past few weeks. I show up and it doesn’t break the 30’s the whole time until the day we had to get back on the plane. Christ.
We had fun anyway. We walked and took FREE public buses all over town. We were also about the only ones who did.
Austin’s all about the live music, but there wasn’t much goin on at all while I was there, probably because of the upcoming SXSW, so I didn’t much live music. I ate lots of good tex mex and I got away from the kids for a while which was enough for me.
If you ever go you have to see the Whole Foods store (it originated there). There’s one in the works that’s supposed to be about the same size here in Philly at 17th and Callowhill, but we’ll never have what impressed me most about it: The beer and wine selection: It had the biggest walk in beer cooler I’ve ever seen(see pic), with sfuff from all over, and at great prices. I picked a few that I liked and DRANK THEM RIGHT THERE AT THE IN-STORE CAFE.
Also spent a LOT of time at the Gingerman, which had Rogue I2PA on tap. Shiner Bock was pretty much everywhere, much like Yuenling is here in PA, and its actually has a lot in common with Yuenling; both being small, independent, pre-prohibition regional breweries.
I also saw a LOT of DogfishHead beer on tap and in bottles. I thought it was odd I guess, seeing that it’s not that old of a brewery and it’s way up here in Delaware. I actually even brought home a bottle of their limited edition Burton Baton oak-aged IPA. I’ll let you know when I open it.
On a completely unrelated side note: I was standing in the Gingerman early in the day and there was only one other guy in the place. Turns out to be my brother’s best friend in high school back in Michigan. Haven’t seen the guy since the 80s. Live’s in Illinois. Man it’s a small world.wholefoodsaustin.jpgwman.jpg


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  1. […] Imagine PA, catching up with almost EVERY state in the union. Could it happen? Maybe the proposed Whole Foods at 16th & Vine St. will dedicate an entire section to craft beer, and a dining area where I can sit down and drink the brew I just bought, just like the one in Austin I visited this year. […]

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