Short review of Lily Allen show in Philly

February 19, 2007

lilyallen1.jpgI’m only exactly a week late to report on the Lily Allen show at the TLA in Philly last Monday and the US leg of the tour is already over!

Here are some of my thoughts:
I expected at least a mixed crowd, with at least a few younger people, but it was all 25 and up, and at least half the crowd was 30 and up, so now I don’t feel so weird liking a bublegum teenpop idol. I’m betting she will remain unknown to the younger crowd here in the states.

The backup band was spot on. The horn section and keyboard player were great, and the whole band matched the album sound perfectly, with no sampling machines, except for one that Lilly played with a few times in passing.

All of her songs sounded great; the only tunes that lacked were her covers; she did The Specials “Blank Expression” and the Kooks song which I’ve heard online but didn’t care for much.
She played just over an hour for a packed house and the crowd was pleasant but somewhat subdued.

Apparently the tour was sponsored by MTV, and there are a few Lily podcasts and fluff there, but I searched for a few minutes but couldn’t find any actual concert footage from Philly.

She’s already back in Europe, but will return to the states for the SXSW festival in Austin next month and the Coachella Festival in April.


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