RIP, R.L. Burnside

February 8, 2007

This blog title comes from a song by the late bluesman, R.L. Burnside. I’m not too into blues, and this guy isn’t even considered a founding father, since he didn’t break through till well later in his life. But Burnside was in a league of his own because of his totally different style.
Burnside’s “breakout” came ten years ago this week, when he collaborated with Jon Spencer (of the Blues Explosion) on A Ass Pocket of Whiskey (one of the best titles ever. Man, maybe I shoulda used that title!?) which gave him major indie cred.
Bad Luck City is taken from his 2000 lp Wish I was in Heaven Sitting Down.
R.L. passed away in 2005 at the age of 78.

MP3: RL Burnside-Bad Luck City


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  1. […] and I shot the shit and he even knew the origins of the name (I think that’s how he stumbled upon it, him being a big R.L Burnside fan). And he […]

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